About Us

The founders of the company have a long background in international trade and in 2011 decided to launch BASE International focused on selling Canadian grown agricultural commodities. Our goal is to be a long term partner to our customers, so we are constantly looking for ways to add value to their operations.

Our warehouse is located in Toronto, Canada and we are constantly investing in processes that make us an integral part of the supply chain. Our commitment to our customers is delivering a complete service; from sourcing to distribution and everything in between. 

This is an industry that is full of volatility and it can be challenging to navigate through the various complexities. We monitor crop progression, government policies and trends in global trade to inform our customers on their purchasing decisions. 

Our people remain at the core of our business. We are obsessed with creating an environment where our team is inspired and emboldened to make suggestions on how to improve our processes. They are a major driver in the growth of the company and we believe that this passion shines through to our customers.  

Our Network

We import products from our international network of suppliers and store them in our warehouse.